Ride Insano Boot 2023
Ride Insano Boot 2023
Ride Insano Boot 2023
Ride Insano Boot 2023
Ride Insano Boot 2023
Ride Insano Boot 2023
Ride Insano Boot 2023
Ride Insano Boot 2023
Ride Insano Boot 2023
Ride Insano Boot 2023

Ride Insano Boot 2023

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The Insano is quite literally how the name describes it. Fitted with our Intuition Center Tongue Dream Liner and the all-new H4 BOA Focus Fit System, which provides a two-zone precise fit system for ultimate heel hold and stability. Fiber Reinforced Flex Slime Tongue provides rebound and damping. The new Michelin Traverse Outsole emphasizes grip and response underfoot, and coupled with the fact that the Insano is the stiffest boot in our line, this thing is built for all-mountain response all the time.

  • +Slime Midsole:
  • RIDE’s proprietary foam blend improves comfort and response underfoot.

HDR Premium Synthetics:

RIDE’s Premium PU material utilizes a proprietary resin that substantially improves durability and wear resistance. Used in high abrasion zones where bindings and board edges create focused wear, RIDE’s Premium PU has unmatched performance.

Black Gold Liner Mesh:

This bamboo charcoal infused material naturally mitigates odors and moisture. Other benefits include improved temperature regulation and circulatory function.

Flex Slime Tongue:

RIDE’s second generation Slime Tongue developed with an articulating flex zone uses geometric shaping to improve riding comfort and performance. Durable TPU keeps a consistent ride over a longer life of the boot.

Rebound Heel Counter 2.0:

New dual density injected TPU heel counter offers the ability to tailor the flex in the boot while providing the durable performance of TPU.

TPU Toe Cap:

Injected TPU toe cap substantially improves durability and simplifies toe construction.

In2grated Construction:

In2grated Construction creates the lightest weight, shortest length performance boots on the market, hands down. The liner is factory molded inside the shell to create the most efficient "net fit", leading to less pack out for better overall comfort.

The Closer:

Offers two times the power to close your boot securely. The Closer Lace Guide is centered over the forefoot to drive lace power down low to even the lace tension throughout the entire boot. Accompanied by Boa Fit System, the even-tightening of The Closer Lace Guide takes the fit system to the next level and provides an incredibly Precise fit.

Heat Reflective Foil:

Redirects heat underneath the foot and in the toe to help keep in the toasty warmth while charging up last chair.

Silver Last:

Performance designed, men’s specific fit. RIDE offers 1:1 lasting ensuring a seamless liner to shell integration for all whole and half sizes. Liner lasts anatomically shaped to your foot offers premium out of box liner comfort while shell last shaping precisely merges together for a uniform supportive fit.

Intuition Dream Liner:

Multi-density foam surrounded in a supportive skeletal structure for maximum rebound and dreamy performance.

Cored Ankle Pockets:

Anatomically correct fit for ultimate heel hold.

External J Bars:

Additional ankle and heel hold.

Internal J Bars:

Superior ankle and heel hold with added support.

Center Tongue Liner:

Lock Down Turbo Liner Lacing:

A secure, no slack lace mechanism to lock your laces in place.

Tallboy Harness Liner Lacing:

Ideal for all around performance, the Tallboy extends higher above the ankle with a fourth lace loop for a supportive flex and responsive fit.

H4 BOA Focus Fit System:

Dial activated fit system that allows for a precise closure in two zones. Features high-powered H4 tongue dial with high-powered H4 remote side dial.

Michelin Traverse:

This sole features a unique criss-cross external TPU shank for improved stability. The durable WIC and OC rubber compounds along with Michelin designed tread patterns provide optimal traction on snow and ice. The +SLIME midsole offers responsive cushioning while the underfoot geometric recess pattern provides improved board feel.

Slip/Grip Liner Closure:

Proprietary ride liner technology which utilizes unidirectional hook to give you optimal liner closure and allow your liner to tighten with the shell of your boot.

Impacto Elite Insole:

3D formed dual density insole with TPU support shank and +slime high rebound foam


Proprietary MICHELIN rubber compound that utilizes up to 30% reground rubber to reduce the amount of virgin rubber going into the outsole and reduce our “footprint” on the environment. Hybrid rubber is used throughout all MICHELIN soles.

RIDE Boot Technology:

Engineered to be the best fitting and most high-performing boots on the market.