Footbeds, whats the fuss?

Ever wondered what the hype around footbeds is all about? 
Where to begin... Footbeds have a range of benefits that enhance your Ski and Snowboard boot fit. Footbeds can eliminate pressure points and painful under arch aches. They also help align your body and avoid pronating therefore contributing to better board control and increased riding expertise. Who doesn't want that??
Below is a comprehensive list of why we LOVE Sidas footbeds here at First Tracks
1. Support under your arch
Regardless of good marketing spiels and improvements in factory standard footbeds in ski and snowboard boots, they aren't going to offer you the support a personally fitted Sidas footbed will. A professional boot fitter should assess your foot and decided on an arch height suited to your foot. Once the footbed fits perfectly against the natural slope of your arch you will experience forefoot propulsion, enhanced dynamic movement, heel cushioning and breathability. Meaning you can spend more time on your feet and in your boots lapping that mountain in comfort and style! 
2. Increase heal hold
A Sidas footbed corrects your foot positioning in your boot; boosting your arch and moving your heel to the back of the boot. If your foot is sitting flat with zero support the heel will often sit below the extra cushioning built into your snowboard boot to optimise heel hold. A footbed will ensure your foot is sitting in the correct position to maximise the heal hold. 
3. Narrow and shorten your foot
Due to the increased support under your arch footbeds actually narrow and shorten your foot up to a few millimetres. Now this doesn't sound like much but sometimes it is the difference in that half size you want to squeeze into. Often people find their toes are pressing hard against the end of a boot, but when they go up a half size the heel feels loose. Footbeds can eliminate this issue by allowing you to comfortably fit the smaller size boot and therefore optimising heel hold and longevity of boot life. 
4. Eliminate pronating and promote alignment
The increased support under your arch will mean your usual tendency to roll the foot inwards or outwards depending on your arch height is eliminated. As the foot is stabilised and unable to motion inwards or outwards you will experience better alignment of your knees and spine reducing chance of injury and discomfort. 
5. Keep the froth high and the pain at bay
There's not a snowboarder out there that hasn't experienced a bad day in their boots! Boot fit and comfort is absolutely integral if you intend to shred the mountain over and over again. Sidas foot beds will improve boot comfort, your alignment and therefore your turns! Great snowboarding equals high froth levels! 
Now, incase you need a little recap!
Why Sidas
- they optimize the properties of the boot
- they stabilize the foot
- they improve the alignment of the body
- they promote natural cushioning
- they limit the lengthening of the foot and its fatigue
Experience this new comfort yourself!