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Outdoor Tech Chips Ultra

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A True Wireless Bluetooth helmet audio system; the Chips Ultra. Look ma, no wires! There’s no need to take off your gloves to adjust your music and you can leave your phone in your pocket. We’ve taken the Chips Ultra and dropped in the latest Bluetooth technology making the Chips Ultra the best snow helmet audio system ever.


Universal Snow Helmet Audio

The Chips Ultra work with nearly any audio compatible helmet. Stream music from your Bluetooth audio device, completely wirelessly. Each earpiece features a single oversized button that you can operate easily with your mittens still on. Simple button press combinations let you control every feature without ever removing your device from your pocket.

Clean Sound, Clear Highs, Big Bass

The Chips Ultra comes equipped with expertly-tuned 40mm drivers to create incredible sound in your helmet.

Phone Calls

The Bluetooth connection, built-in microphone, and simple button interface of the Chips Ultra’s mean you can answer your next call without removing your helmet or gloves.