Lib Tech

Lib Tech Jamie Lynn C3 2023

Regular price $999.99

Jamie Lynn's pro model snowboard is what you get when you take a simple, no-frills design and push it to the limit. The Lib Tech Jamie Lynn C3 Snowboard is a big directional gun that still maintains some subtle skate style park vibes. Unlike many Lib Tech boards, it features plenty of camber and no Magne-Traction. Paired with a stiffer flex, wide nose, and smooth taper in the nose and tail, this board has a predictable, old-school feel that rips hard and takes no prisoners.

Size               159cm

Tip Width     300mm

Waist Width  257mm

Tail Width     290mm

Sidecut          8.7m

Setback         1.5inch


Eco Sublimated TNTThe highest density UHMW and fastest base material without wax. TNT features a unique dual-layer thermal fusion “phase alteration” process which aligns the molecular chains into an engineered crystalline structure. The titanium layer reflects light and heat, keeping the base at or near snow temperatures. The crystal layer is the fastest base material without wax, making it a very consistent sliding surface in a wide variety of conditions and wax wear lifecycles. Wax to conditions as normal, but the board will remain fast even as wax wears. TNT produces optimal graphic reproduction with the proprietary water based eco sublimation process. Easy to maintain easy to repair.