Korua Pencil

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The Café Racer is a softboot carving board. Ideal for digging deep trenches in the slopes and hanging in turns with a full broadside. The full camber and narrow sidecut radius gives the board brutal grip and maneuverability from nose to tail. But don't worry, it wouldn't be a KORUA if it wasn't a lot of fun in the powder too. These features together with a fast base make it a banked slalom favorite for tight courses. We recommend riding the board with a slightly tighter stance and steeper positive angles front and back. This has the advantage that your feet drag less in the snow and the board can flex more under your feet. All in all a very lively and lively fun board, for beginners to experts.




Our FULL CAMBER is a modern take on the classic camber that many of us grew up with. Like the classic, it offers more stability and edge hold because more of the board rests on the snow. In contrast to the classic version, our full cam offers more buoyancy and speed in soft snow because the transition to the shovel is softer.