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Le Bent Little Feet Kids Snow Moroccan Blue

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As all parents know, warm dry feet for your kids on the mountain is the difference between long fun filled days or watching the pow from a cafe. We don't neglect performance in our Kids range, maintaining all of the Definitive Fit SystemTM technology found in our Adult's socks along with our signature blend. The warmth from merino socks and softness of rayon from bamboo socks combined to make little mountain feet happy and warm all day long.

Yarn: 48% Rayon from Bamboo, 20% Merino Wool, 30% Nylon, 2% ElastaneDEFINITIVE FIT SYSTEM - A BETTER FIT

Elastics & strategic stitching provide targeted support in all the key areas:
1. Elasticated Instep: to make it secure and snug, no wrinkles or bunching.
2. Ankle band: precision fit for those twists and turns all day long.

3. Achilles Support: 
extra comfort in this high friction area, also minimising heel lift.

4. Memory Stretch: 
moulds to your foot every time you put the socks on.