Korua Shapes Apollo 156cm Asym Regular

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Short but with a lot of float, the Apollo is really nice in the trees and the short length still allows for fast moves. Even though the look reminds us of a retro fish the overall characteristics give it quite the feel of riding a shortboard in small clean waves. The asymmetric tail offers goofy foot riders a different experience then regulars. Experience has shown that it works well for lightweight and smaller riders from the beginner level all the way to the experienced pow rider.

Length (cm) 152 (A) 156 (A)
Float (sqcm) 3830 4290
Effective Edge (mm) 1150 (B) 1180 (B)
Running Length  1000 1030
Tip Width (mm) 302 (C) 324 (C)
Waist Width (mm) 256 269
Tail Width (mm) 288 (E) 293 (E)
Avg. Sidecut Radius (m) 7,7 8,2
Setback (mm) 20 20
Recommended Stance (cm) 55 55
Adjust. Range(cm) 50-64 50-64
Board Weight (kg) 2,7 2,9
Rider Weight (kg) 45-75 55-90
Topsheet Polyamide (3CPA) Polyamide (3CPA)
Glassfiber E-Glass Biaxial E-Glass Biaxial
Core Poplar Light Poplar Light
Base P-TEX 2000 Sintered P-TEX 2000 Sintered
Gender Unisex Unisex
Camber Float Camber Float Camber