Granger's Clothing Repel 300ml

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Product Description

Renew the Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish of any water proof fabric with Grangers new Acrylic Polymer Technology.

This is a non-Fluorocarbon formulation that closely matches the levels of repellency and durability previously only offer by C6 chemistry.

Wash-in formulation to be used in domestic washing machines to renew surface water repellency of fabrics.  Treats up to 6 garments.

Great air dry performance but durability is improved if the care label of the garment permits tumble drying.

Must be used on a clean garment after washing with a specific technical wash such as Performance Wash.

Breathability of the fabric will be restored to its original specification.


  • Air dry performance- restores waterproofing without tumble drying
  • Maximises breathability
  • Recommended for Gore-tex , eVent and all waterproof breathable clothing
  • 300ml bottle

Clothing Repel utlilises Acrylic Polymer Technology.

APT is a Granger's formulated blend of synthetic fluorocarbon-free polymers developed to provide a highly breathable DWR finish which closely matches the real world water repellency and durability of existing fluorocarbon-based proofer

In Trail Magazine s 2006 tests undertaken by Leeds University Performance Clothing Research Group, Granger s products came out top in performance and durability. That s because Grangers proofing technologies replicate the water-repellency applied by fabric manufacturers, so using Granger s just restores the original treatment.

In 2006 Granger s was also awarded certification under the ISO 14001 Environmental Management standard, independent confirmation that Granger s products and processes conform to the highest environmental principles. No other U.K aftercare company has attained ISO 14001.

Granger's is also proud to be abluesign Sytem Partner
bluesign is the world s only benchmark that guarantees products are free from harmful substances. Based in Switzerland, the independent bluesign organisation was set up to meet the demand for rating products that are environmentally friendly, pose no health hazards and conserve resources