Electric Knoxville, Matte Black w/ OHM Polarised Grey

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Few things are truly classic. That being said, the Knoxville wasn't born "classic", he was raised right. Born and bred with hard lines, timeless design traits and Italian quality, think of it like this: Where did our bestselling Hardknox grow up? That's right, Knoxville.



    • 6 Base Mold Injected Grilamid® Frame 
      Grilamid® is a nylon compound that when heated and mold injected becomes the lightest, strongest plastic material available. Once Grilamid® is formed, it has the amazing attribute of being extremely flexible but is able to maintain its original shape under all temperatures.




    • 6 Base Melanin Infused Polycarbonate Lens 
      Electric exclusively uses Bayer brand Makrolon raw polycarbonate material. All of its melanin infused polycarbonate lenses are infused with health preserving melanin. This premium polycarbonate material is extremely light weight, has excellent visual clarity and definition and boasts superior impact resistance.


Safety Standards


    • 100% UV Protection



  • 98% Blue Light Protection