Dragon NFX2 Goggle, Succulent w/ LL Dark Smoke + LL Rose

Regular price $270.00

Dragon's most advanced cylindrical lensed goggle, the NFX2 has all the desirable bells and whistles: Patented Frameless Design, Swiftlock Technology, armoured venting, Super Anit-Fog coating, bonus replacement lenses and more. Additionally the NFX2 utilities our Lumalens colour optimised lenses bringing the next level clarity, adaptability, and style to the Dragon lineup.

LL Dark Smoke 20% VLT Sunny Condtions

Bonus Lens: LL Rose 35% Overcast - Low Light Condtions

  • Injection Moulded Cylindrical Lens
  • Patented Frameless Design
  • Swiflock Lens Changing Technology
  • Lumlalens Colour Optimising Technology
  • Armoured Venting
  • Super Anti-Fog Coating
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Medium Fit
  • Helmet Compatible