Apex Gecko Plate Free(ride) - First Tracks Boardstore
Apex Gecko Plate Free(ride) - First Tracks Boardstore

Apex Gecko Plate Free(ride)

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100% aerospace carbon fiber for performance and lightweight. Absorbs the chatter of rutted race courses, delivers increased performance. Light and responsive for tight slalom courses. For Slalom and lightweight GS racing. Suitable for all alpine racers and carvers.

Unlike one-piece race plates, there is no awkward adjustment period. You'll feel comfortable immediately.

The most extensively tested product in Apex history.The Gecko is intended to provide added leverage and toe/heel clearance like other riser plates. However, the Gecko also adds dampening to the mix as well as distributed edge pressure. In other words, the Gecko will smooth out a ride and direct foot pressure along a greater length of the snowboard edge. For the Boardercross racer, the Gecko will also absorb the shock of landings.

For GS and SL racers, the Gecko offers the benefits of isolation plates without the complexity and adjustment period. The Gecko is easy to install with no parts to wear out or break. Setup takes one minute. There is no uncomfortable, locked-in feeling that some riders feel with isolation plates.


We think adaptive snowboarders will benefit from the dampening and added leverage of the Gecko.