2016 Union W Juliet Binding
2016 Union W Juliet Binding

2016 Union W Juliet Binding

Three dimensional Multi-Layer Strap Core evenly distributes pressure across the top of the foot, comfortably locking you in. 

Symmetric in shape, asymmetric in flex, the all new Juliet Highbacks are anatomically correct for optimal comfort and performance.

Baseplate Stiffness - 4/10

Highback Stiffness - 4/10

Canted Comfort

Canted Gas Pedals on the Juliet supply extra leverage for ollie power and carving ease. Canting also allows you ankle and knee joints to be aligned, preventing pain.

Dual Density

Two separate bushing densities provide incredible dampening and true board flex. One supplying durability, the other providing comfort.

Aluminium Buckles are the perfect combination of function and reliability. Union Aluminium is second to none.