Burton Step On, Our Experience

The next innovation in snowboarding.

With Burton Step On due to land in-store and online next week it's got us here a First Tracks super excited to share our experience riding the Step On system.

Our Step On Experience

 So I'm sure by now you have all heard the hype surrounding Burton Step On. No you haven't? Step On is a Boot and Binding system that you step in to, no ankle strap, no toe strap, no bending down! This innovation allows you to keep up with your mates on Ski's, easily teach your friends and children to snowboard and generally requires far less effort than a regular binding. Okay now your thinking it sounds to good to be true, what are it's faults or limitations? I'm here to share my experience and tell you... There are none!

First Tracks owner Mike and myself Ash were lucky enough to spend two days ripping around Falls Creek this past winter with the annual Burton Riders Retreat. Over the two glorious spring days we rode Burton boards, drank beers and of course demoed Step On. Mike was keen to jump on them straight away as he had demoed them once before and had been convinced of the system from the get-go. I however had not previously rode them and had quietly labeled Step On "An awesome innovation for Dad's". I was right they are an awesome innovation for Dad's however, I quickly learned they are an awesome innovation for anyone.

They ride really well! I found the boots incredibly comfortable. I often experience problems with heal hold but felt really secure in the Burton Felix Step On Boot. Over the two days Mike and I both rode the the system on and off piste, fast down groomers, through the park and even in the Victorian back country thanks to Steve Lee's guided sled tours. We both found them easy to get in and out of and very responsive to ride.

Burton Step On get a 10/10 from us here at First Tracks and we are confident you will love them too!

- Ashleigh Bull